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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. breaking news tonight. a car crashes into four people in twin peaks, sending them plunging down a hill. and then it speeds off. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> and i'm juliette goodrich. sharon is on the scene right now at twin peaks. >> reporter: here with us is lieutenant silverman who is going to fill us in on what happened. >> so we had a group of four pedestrians walking on the roadway and a car came by and struck three of the four of them and they were knocked down the hill a distance of about 30 feet. >> how are they tonight, the three knocked down the hill? >> so all three of them went to the hospital. one has life-threatening injuries and the other two have less serious injuries. >> okay. now, this was a hit-and-run.
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anything about the suspect? >> right. so the suspect driver and car were found a couple hundred yards away by our officers within minutes of the incident. >> okay. so they before found nearby. what do we know about the suspect? how many people were in the car? is the driver going to be charged here? >> there were four people in the other car, and one of the passengers in that car was also injured. at this point, we have the driver detained and we're investigating. >> what about reports that the driver had been drinking? >> right. so that's what we're investigating at this point. >> the passenger in the car who was injured, how did that passenger get injured? >> we're not sure. presumably in the collision. >> is this a place here, on this street also known as the christmas point area, is this an area where you get a lot of hit-and-runs, a lot of problems with pedestrians out here? >> no. we have very few problems. i really can't think of any other traffic collisions that i've had up here recently.
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>> now, right now you've got the san francisco police department hit-and-run team as well as the major accident investigation team. they're out here looking at where this actually happened. the area where the pedestrians were, is that an area where pedestrians are allowed? it doesn't look like there's a sidewalk there. >> yes. there is no sidewalk there. it would be just for cars. so they may have been in the roadway. i'm not positive exactly where they were. >> okay. thank you very much, lieutenant. >> reporter: so here we are. we have three people who did go over. one person remains in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. we're live in san francisco, sharon chin, cbs 5 eyewitness news. the rain is back and it's hanging out for a while. our meteorologist paul deanno has the hi-def doppler cranked up. >> it is fired up and getting some pretty serious returns in the north bay right now. moderate rainfall coming down
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in northern sonoma county, also mendocino county. check out santa rosa up to cloverdale and into mendocino county. moderate rain but zero rainfall for san francisco and down the peninsula all the way down to san jose. and the east bay is still dry. you'll get your rain starting tonight and tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning the wind is going to kick up. sustained kinds 20 to 30 miles per hour. but along is the coast and the city, we will likely see wind gusts to 50 miles per hour. all told, once the storm system is out of here, we'll have 2 to 5 inches of rain for napa county. the radar is active tonight. details on when the rain is going to move out, perhaps in time for christmas, coming up in a few minutes. >> we'll see you then. thanks, paul. if you are flying anywhere for the holidays tomorrow, good luck. that's what you're going to face. the airlines have cancelled more than 1,000 fights because of a major winter snowstorm hammering the midwest. but most of the cancelled flights are in and out of
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chicago. the airlines are waiving fees for customers who want to change their flight plans. so when was the last time you got a parking ticket? they're bad enough. but now comes word that the city of oakland is adding insult to injury. it's keeping parking ticket money that should be given back to drivers. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers finds out why. >> reporter: no one likes getting a parking ticket. >> she was going to give me a ticket just now! >> reporter: but in oakland, if you got one and mistakenly paid too much, it was likely that you'd never see that money again. in a report released today, oakland's auditor says last year, people accidentally overpaid the city of oakland $316,000 in parking fees. instead of giving the money back, the city quietly kept the cash. >> it was absolutely surprising. it's not our money. >> reporter: state law requires that cities inform people that
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they've overpaid so they can collect their money, something san francisco and l.a. do. but it appears oakland never has. >> we found no evidence that they have ever refunded the citizens in the past. >> i am more than concerned about corruption of city officials. >> reporter: city officials would not go on camera tonight to talk about this. in a statement, they say they've made some changes. but the bottom line is they don't have the money or man power to pay people back. >> they seem to be in a big hurry to take your money. but if there's any error on their part, they've never been in a hurry to give any of that money back. >> reporter: the city says going back to try to refund years of overpayments is not feasible, that they've agreed to apply overpayments as credit to a driver's other unpaid tickets and to start posting public notices for unclaimed money, something they should have been doing all along. in oakland, christin ayers, cbs 5. republican members of congress hung house speaker
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john boehner out to dry tonight. he could not round up the votes he needed to pass the so-called plan b to avoid the fiscal cliff, so he cancelled the vote altogether. plan b is designed to prevent automatic tax hikes on people making less than $1 million a year. that was boehner's plan. he says it's up to the democrats and the president to make the next move. the house is in recess until after christmas. tomorrow marks one week since the tragedy in newtown, connecticut. president obama will hold a nationwide moment of silence at 6:30 tomorrow morning to remember the victims. if you go online, you may see this mention, twitter founder jack dorsey and several celebrities are also calling for a five-minute time out on the internet to pay their respects. six more were laid to rest today. they included two teachers and four first graders. >> reporter: boy scouts saluted
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the scout benjamin wheeler. scott pablo wondered what many here did. >> i don't really know why he had to die, but it's very sad to see all the coffins. >> reporter: jesse lewis's family described the first grader as fearless but admitted he slept in his mother's arms almost every night. his school mate catherine hubbard was remembered for a smile as bright as her red hair. she'd recently been taking horseback riding lessons. six-year-old allison wyatt wanted to become an artist. her artwork covered the family home. 52-year-old's anne murphy. 30-year-old lauren russeau was also laid to rest. she had just been hired as a substitute teacher. everywhere you drive around newtown, you see memorials
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growing or popping up. the local post office has received so many condolence letters, it had to find a separate location to hold all the mail. gun sales spiking across the country tonight in the wake of the sandy hook tragedy. many bay area dealers telling us they can barely keep assault rifles on the shelves. people are buying them up. one of their best sellers, the ar-15 semiautomatic rifle, the same gun the sandy hook killer used. >> we've got a ton of new buyers, people that have never bought them before coming in to get one, because it may be their last chance to get one. >> federal background checks hit an all-time high last month, following president obama's reelection. then there's the effort to get guns off the streets. it's going well in oakland so far. all week long, gun owners have been trading in their fire
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power for cash. the buyback has netted hundreds of weapons. washington also got to work today on gun control. vice president joe biden convened the task force that will review the nation's gun laws and recommend changes. the president wants concrete proposals in hand by next month. the team will also look at mental health issues, school readiness, even violent video games. sharon chin shows us one bay area group is already hard at work on that front. >> nice gun right there. >> reporter: this customer, who declined to give his name, bought himself a shoot 'em up video game. >> i've played these games, you know, and i don't go up and shoot up schools. >> reporter: they're violent video games that the district attorney urges people to turn in, as part of a weapons buyback program. >> they get into these violent
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scenarios where people are just killing people and and a young person becomes desensitized totally about what it means to take a life. >> reporter: if you turn in a violent video game, you may get back money. >> i think parents need to be more aware of what their kids are playing. >> reporter: but some people agree with the video game industry. they say playing doesn't lead to violence. >> it doesn't make me crazy. >> reporter: the focus on video games followed reports that the newtown gunman played call of duty and star craft. on capitol hill, a senator is introducing legislation to study the impact of violent video games on children. leader say they're trying to prevent another mass shooting. >> you just can't walk away from this incident not wanting to do something. >> reporter: sharon chin, cbs
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5. coming up, a famous olympian with a secret double life. why she became a vegas escort. and it wasn't for the money. a new 7-eleven that could cost millions. and the end of the world as we know it. turns out, there's a doomsday loophole. escort,,,,,,,,
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hey, look! a shooting star!
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a well-known american olympian admits she's been leading a secret double life as a vegas escort. susie hamilton, a former track store, says she turned to prostitution to cope with depression and a failed marriage. she has been working for the escort service for about a year and charges $600 on hour or more. she says her husband was the only one who knew until now. hamilton confessed on twitter after the smoking gun broke the story. one bay area neighborhood revoted against slurpies and they won this round. kiet do on the 7-eleven that just opened but may now have to close. >> reporter: the new 7-eleven had only been open 13 days when the city planning commission voted to shut it down. but the story of how it was allowed to open in the first
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place has now reached the highest levels of city government. >> i hope there's nothing going on, because i don't want to live in a city that has that. >> reporter: it used to be an old italian deli that went out of business. city law says if it sits vacant for six months, then the zoning should revert back to residential. but 7-eleven was granted a permit anyway. neighbors cried foul. >> they tried to slip this under the radar. and really, what happened is they got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. >> reporter: the band of neighbors pointed the finger at city council member jack matthews whose architecture firm called the planning staffers numerous times. matthews declined an on-camera interview. but he says it was not involved with the 7-eleven and has done something wrong. the mayor is standing by him. >> i've always found him to be above board and ethical, just a
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great council member. >> reporter: limb, who was also a deputy district attorney in santa clara county, has pulled all e-mails about the 7-eleven. >> in the course of getting those, i found there would appear to be communication that would cause a person to have suspicion about how things were going. >> reporter: the owners say they spent close to $9 million in renovations. if they are forced to close, they will likely sue the city to get that back, they say. the city will take up the issue in january. in san mateo, kiet do, cbs 5. a package thief who was caught on a hidden camera swiping holiday gifts off a porch has been busted. 39-year-old daniel price stole a box in concord just 15 minutes after ups dropped it off. here he is walking up to the door. these photos were posted online two days ago. police got tons of tips. they say they searched price's home and found the stolen presents. pg&e getting nearly $300
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million to make safety improvements following the san bruno pipeline explosion. and guess where that money is coming from? cbs 5 reporter julie watts on how much your bill is going to go up. >> reporter: in the wake of the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion, pg&e is upgrading its infrastructure. up grades that will force pg&e customers to pay. >> the victims shouldn't have to suffer because pg&e is making a profit from this explosion. >> reporter: many were outraged when the public utilities commission approved the rate increase to help pg&e to pay for its pipeline safety plan. san bruno's mayor echoed a popular sentiment. >> you allow a utility responsible for the deaths of eight citizens, friends and family, to profit as a direct result of that tragedy. >> reporter: the consumer watch dog group urgeds the puc not to
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let pg&e make any profit, noting that many of it is due to pg&e's negligence. but the spokesperson says the money is paying for its mistakes. >> what's important to know is that the funding was needed to meet new regulations, so these were regulations that were put in place after san bruno. any work that needs to be done to meet existing regulations has been and will continue to be paid for by our shareholders. >> reporter: she says pg&e is actually disappointed in the puc's position, because the utility had asked for about 60% more. the money will be used to prevent future disasters, adding insult to injury for current victims. >> their picking up as though nothing has happened, business as usual. >> i'm very sorry. i'm just really emotional. >> reporter: now, the puc commissioners say they were trying to strike a balance
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between punishing pg&e for past mistakes and encouraging the company to invest in safety. julie watts, cbs 5. all right. let's do this. let's start talking about the rain, huh? >> this forecast looks a lot more like seattle than anything else. wait till you see the extended forecast. there's one day without a rain chance. i'll show that to you in a second. yes, we are invoking our inner seattle. we have more rain heading in our direction. look at all that rain, mendocino county, lake county, sonoma county, getting all the rain. it's made it as far south as petaluma. it will be several more hours, likely around sunrise tomorrow, before the rain envelops all of the bay area. with the cloud cover, it won't be near freezing tonight. livermore, 50 right now. san francisco, 54. lows in the mid 40's overnight tonight, markedly milder. winter storm warning for the
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sierra. skiers rejoice. others, not so much. two to four feet, coming up over the weekend. a lot of new, fresh powder, if you're hitting the mountains. here's the deal. low pressure off to our north and west, very strong flow, right into northern california. and the jet stream is kind of like mother nature's path of least resistance. storms like that. and they're going to follow that right into northern california for friday, saturday, sunday, even christmas eve morning. we're looking at rainfall and we likely will see anywhere from two to three inches of rain, even in the bay area, with double that in the north bay mountains. our computer predicts about an inch for santa rosa. double that for ukiah. rain is here by the morning commute tomorrow. windy too. rain heavy at times through sunday but skies will clear out for santa claus. san jose, 56.
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mid 50's for concord. so we're wet right on through the weekend. monday, christmas eve, that's the one mainly dry day. rain moves back by late christmas day and we're soggy next week as well. >> yeah. we were talking about the fact that santa doesn't really need good weather but... >> he's got rudolph. he's gonna be all right. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and hi. stay with us on this. across most of the world, tomorrow has already arrived, so it's today there, and so far doomsday has not arrived. >> no. but if you're still worried that the end of the mayan calendar will mean the end of the days, listen up. there is a loophole. a handful of places are predicted to survive, including a sleepy village in turkey. many people believe the virgin mary ascended to heaven near
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here. but if armageddon really is upon us, no one there is taking it too seriously. >> on the 21st of december, all our guests here stay for free. in addition, it's my birthday, the 21st of december. >> you don't believe the world is going to end on your birthday? >> well, the world looks quite solid to me. i don't know. >> what they are taking seriously is the business opportunity. they have made a special armageddon wine and souvenir shops are selling out of everything, from t-shirts to doomsday perfume. >> nobody buying christmas presents. a bit odd. very odd. ,,,,
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th y nhl business, is the show over for the san jose sharks? for the league? league announced today they have cancelled all games through january 14 because of a lockout. that's about half of the season's schedule. the sharks have lost 41 games, including 20 at home. if the league is going to have a season at all, it like will need to start the season by late january. 49er defensive end, justin
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smith, a game-time decision for the sunday's battle with seattle. smith has suffered an elbow injury versus new england. has not practiced this week and he was not at the facility at all today. teammate dashon goldson was fined $21,000 today by the league for that hit on patriots tight end aaron hernandez. the hit not only cost him money but, boy, he's now being deemed, quote, a repeat offender, close quote, by the league. c.c. sabathia bowling right-handed because he's rehabbing his injured left elbow. he was in san francisco earlier tonight for a caravan outing where he and his wife treated kids to bowling and a christmas shopping spree. >> vallejo is near and dear to my heart. i have a lot of family here. i'm really deeply rooted in the
11:30 pm
community. i really care about what's going on. so anytime i can get a chance to give back and do whatever i can, i always like to take the opportunity. and here is your thursday night top five. no. 5, poinsettia bowl, byu, knocks the ball free. recovers. down goes san diego state, 23- 6. no. 6, duke. it goes. and it does. they beat 'em 76-54. no. 3, minnesota's alex, and kevin love, the shot. oklahoma's city 12-game winning streak, shot down. no. 2, kevin durant on a roll. and in! ever seen that before? >> never. >> and no. 1, say good-bye to the long locks of tim lincecum. the giants pitcher has cut his hair and we have the picture to prove it! >> wow! >> it pretty much looks like the same haircut he had his rookie season. >> pretty much. >> first time i saw him, i
11:31 pm
thought he was the clubhouse guy, he looked so young. but then, well, the legend. >> i wonder if he donated his hair, it was so long. locks of love. >> maybe his skills will come back too. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. we're still here. and david letterman is here. katie holmes is on his show. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> from new york, the greatest city in the world, it's the "late show" with david letterman. tonight... plus paul shaffer and the cbs orchestra. captioning sponsored by worldwide pants and cbs i'm alan kalter. and now, starting quarter back, david letterman! (cheers and applause)

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